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Michael and I are learning Italian, so here are some links for reference.

words.italian.Z (Compressed) List of words from Oxford in the UK
Italian.txt Some English-to-Italian word translations
Irregular verbs A list of irregular Italian verbs, with irregularities emphasized
Irregular verb script from same person as previous entry, but allows more selection (tense, etc)
Italian Lessons Very simple ones.
Italiano per chi viaggia Simple phrase/word lists
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2 comments on “Useful Italian Links

  1. Jeff K

    Learned any swear words yet? I hear German is a good language for them. After 11 years now of “be polite or die”, my Japanese teachers are finally introducing to some Interesting Stuff. Jennifer seems to know all the criteria for rating movies PG-13, R etc. Some times these things just come out… On the weekend when 3 of us witnessed a car crash, roll and passenger ejection in cottage country, to “Ambulance, Fire or Police?!”, I yelled “Ambulance! Don’t you guys answer the GOD-DAMNED PHONE?!?!” into my cellphone after 911 took 7 rings to answer. So much for teaching bowing to authority, I guess. (The 911 operator switched me to the ambulance dispatch when I got to “GOD” in that sentence). To quote a song by “Three Days Grace”: “Help me believe its not the real me.”. I’ve often felt songs fill in for swear words. Any good Italian pop?

  2. Jeff K

    Although, when I was in France, the 2 times I was called “f-ing stupid”, the locals where kind enough to translate into English, although a Brazilian once called me a “Vagabond” here in Toronto, so not all countries are equally polite, it would seem. In Japan, if you go into a Rock music store and ask for a J-pop artist, they just say (in English), “Sir, we do not carry those kinds of artists.”, something like the British approach, I think. 😉

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