Road Trip, WWDC 2006

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road trip

Iain and I are planning our road trip in August

This August Iain and I will be going to Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco.
After WWDC, instead of flying home, we’re going to rent a car and
spend a week driving southeast-ish to Las Vegas.
We’re planning to hit the sights along the way, like Yosemite and Death Valley, so the Google Directiosn linked to just then aren’t quite right.
See the map above for a closer approximation.

The map isn’t actually very representative of our exact route, since only creates straight lines between waypoints.
Seems silly not to use Google Maps’ directions API.

entertainment, friends, Reid.

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4 comments on “Road Trip, WWDC 2006

  1. Jeff K

    That route planner you’re using doesn’t seem to know about the shortest route. The good old “Travelling Salesman” problem. The GPS I have does a pretty good job of it, but this morning it got a bit confused near the airport — they’ve put in a lot of new overpasses and stuff there, however the Park&Fly bus followed the path the GPS suggested. I guess I should look at a new map. There is an electronics store called “Fry’s” with locations in Las Vegas and San Francisco, by the way.

  2. rae Post author

    Egad Jeff, you’re right! Maybe we should go 1-2-4-5-3-6-7.

    The route planner we are using is our brains. 🙂

    I should say that we’re doing this over a week, so we have a lot of time to cover that ground. But there’s no sense wasting time, of course. Better to spend it lollygagging at splendid views.

  3. Iain

    There is a mountain range in the way. This route does make sense as we are sticking to one side of the range before passing over via Yosemite. We will then have a scenic drive out of the mountains and down through Death Valley.

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