Mentos experiments at Andy’s place

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We went to Andy’s annual BBQ tonight, and I brought along our camera. There were a series of “drop the mentos into the bottle of Diet Coke” experiments. I dutifully recorded them all and herein are the links to the videos on YouTube:

Experiment #1.

And here’s an alternate viewpoint of the same event:

Experiment #2 wasn’t very successful, possibly due to the Coke being cooled down.
So we warmed up a bottle and performed the most successful experiment, #3.

Pretty cool, eh?

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3 comments on “Mentos experiments at Andy’s place

  1. Steve P

    Very cool Reid,

    Thanks for capturing the event at Andy’s. I was there, but had to leave early. Did they do the experiment with both Minty and Fruity Mentos?

    Steve P.

  2. rae Post author

    Hey Steve,

    No, all were done using minty fresh Mentos. We only did three experiments altogether.

    There are other YouTube videos showing people actually putting the cap back on after sticking the mentos in, shaking the bottle, then loosening the cap and throwing it down on concrete as hard as they can. The result is a Mentos-powered Cola Rocket.

  3. bmac

    That’s some very impressive Science. I particularly admire Andy’s
    “My god – it works!” expression, in the finest tradition of soon-to-be-killed-by-their-creation scientists everywhere.

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