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I am often getting around 500 spam comments to this blog to moderate every day.
I’ve done a few things in an attempt to stem the tide.
I’m too lazy to go look for WordPress plugins or anything, so I am just editing the PHP code directly myself.

The main thing that has helped is that I’ve edited wp-admin/moderation.php
to present a much more condensed list of spam.
Here’s the spam I’ve had in the last 5 hours:

spam list

click for bigger version

Now in this instance there are only 13 pieces of spam, which would be no biggie, even in the old interface,
which would display the entire comment along with two lines of borders around it.
This lets me handle spam about 4x faster I would say.

Along with presentation, the code also sorts the spam by the name of the sender.
So I can scroll right past the “Buy *” section nice and fast.
It also defaults everything to “(*) Spam”, which saves me a good couple of minutes on those long, 500+ lists.

I really should look into WordPress anti-spam stuff.
Does anyone out there have any recommendations to help me save some time?

Reid, web site.

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7 comments on “Trying to de-spam my blog

  1. Laura

    I use Akismet for spam and it works like a charm. The one catch (such as it is) is you need to get an API key by registering for a (free) account. It took a day or so for the key to activate for me, but have had no problems since! It has drastically reduced the amount I have to moderate.

  2. Laura

    Oh yeah, before I got Akismet I used CJD Spam Nuke to get rid of the records of all the already deleted spam from the database (don’t really know whether it’s necessary to do this, but I figure if it’s there it’s gotta add up somewhere, somehow!)

  3. rae Post author

    Hey Laura, thanks for the heads-up on Akismet. I signed up and got my API key in about 5 minutes, yay.

    So do you still check the Skismet spam list for false popsitives, or do you just trust it to do its work? If I have to still check the list, I don’t see how it’s different from normal moderation..

  4. Laura

    I’ve never had any false positives (that I’ve caught, anyway), so I just let it do its work. If it’s unsure of any comments it’ll keep it in moderation, but everything else just gets stored in an easily-ignorable spam list for 2 weeks, whereupon it gets deleted. It does learn, so you may want to be sort of vigilant for the first few days…or not!

  5. Jeff K

    Just let it do its work, anyone who gets auto-censored will just think it’s another liberal-media-control thing, i.e. win-win.

  6. rae Post author

    Yep, so far it’s been doing a pretty good job! Now I feel the need to upgrade all the other WordPress blogs..

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