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We’ve been talking about playing Quake sometime, and how various buildings would make good Quake levels, etc.
So I thought I’d look into tools to build Quake levels.
Specifically, the canonical tool, Radiant, which was written by Id Software and released under the GPL.

It took about ½ hour, but I managed to find a
Mac version of Radiant
(actually, it’s GtkRadiant, running under X Windows on a Mac, so it doesn’t look quite native).

Here are some links I ran across on the way to finally tracking it down:
   Tutorial for creating spiral stairs
   Mac GtkRadiant forum
   Manual install of GtkRadiant on a Mac

Oh, Radiant doesn’t only edit Quake 3 levels or something.
It can handle pretty much all Id games, from Quake 1 (I think) through Doom 3.

Maybe some of us can get hopping now, eh?

Here is a screenshot of the editor in action (somewhat reduced).
Pretty ugly, eh?

Actually, it reminds me of Maya a bit.


Screenshot of GtkRadiant running
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