Dinner out and a movie

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The Thirsty Bear
Last night all the OSAF’ers headed down the street to the Thirsty Bear for dinner, drinks, and shooting a little pool.

For some reason we decided that Jeffrey should try on different glasses, including some shades that made him look like one of Agent Smith’s men.

Jeffrey trying to keep a straight face

Agent Jeffrey

Afterwards a small group of us (Bear, Bryan, Jeffrey and myself) headed off the the IMAX theatre in the Metreon to see “V for Vendetta”.
My expectations were somewhat low for V, as I am a huge fan of Alan Moore’s original graphic novel os the same name, and Moore had his name removed from the movie’s credits.

Nonetheless, or perhaps because of this, my expectations were handily exceeded.
Overall, despite quite large variances from the original story, I felt that the movie was true to the spirit of Moore’s work.
The movie’s climax works really well because it plays the the strength of the film medium, which wouldn’t work in a comic.

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