T’nir is back!

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All it took was transferring the domain from lowcostdomains.ca to dreamhost.com!

Even so, DreamHost has this hiccup where the main domain (in this case tnir.org) has to point to DreamHost itself.

I set up the DNS such that *.tnir.org (literally) points to “tnir”, my Linux box, so rae.tnir.org, barker.tnir.org et al all work.

Actually there was a second hiccup where I tried to send mail to tnir by entering “mail.tnir.org”.

DreamHost reserves a few subdomains along with the main one by pointing them at DreamHost at well: www.tnir.org, ftp.tnir.org and mail.tnir.org[!].

So, fine, I changed the mail domain to “smtp.tnir.org” and, as far as I could tell it was working late last night.

I worry that DreamHost’s scripts actually look at the mail MX record and reserve whatever subdomain name you use to point at DreamHost.

However, it’s been over 24 hours and it still *seems* to be working .

We shall see.

I’m at Hrach’s typing this on his laptop while Vartan, John and Michael finish off a game of Twilight Imperium.

They just finished, so I’m going to wrap this up.

I’ll probably add links later.

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2 comments on “T’nir is back!

  1. DaverQuoteFunnySayingQuoteBarkid

    Hey, as of right now, and since you fix things, from several different computers, smtp.tnir.org she don’t work! Goes to tnir.org default page…

    Holy cow!

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