Upgrading the DVD drive in my G5

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A while back, my G5
s internal DVD burner started to burn discs that other hardware would not read all the way through.
Specifically, the LG DVD player (and the PC’s and other DVD players) were unable to play the last few shows burned on a DVD.

I started to use the PowerBook’s DVD burner in its place to ensure newly burned discs are not similarly unreadable.
I also bought a new burner top put in the G5, a Pioneer 110D.

I’ve been putting off installing the new drive because I’m worried about old burned discs that can no longer be accessed except with the bad drive.
I’ve ordered a FireWire enclosure for the old drive so that I will be able to still read otherwise-unreadable files.

However, it appears my procrastination has paid off somewhat.
article on HardMac.com

shows how to convert a Pioneer 110D into a 111D (with better DVD-RAM support)
by upgrading the firmware.



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