If you read only one movie plot summary..

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Let it be
this one for Star Trek: Nemesis.

Warning: contains naughty words that rhymme with “firetruck”.

It kinda reminds me of how Andy used to review fine movies with Goldie Hawn in them.

Here’s a choice snippet from when Picard beams over to the Reman ship to confront Shinzon:

Great. I whacked some guy with my rifle and it broke in half.
Who built this #$#%ing thing?
Well, now I have an excuse for yet another contrived scene:
hand to hand combat with Shinzon.
I hope the audience won’t think to ask why I don’t just pick up a gun from the floor,
since I just killed a whole room full of Reman crewmen.
Then again, if they’ve suffered through this much of the movie,
they’re probably de-sensitized to the bad writing.

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4 comments on “If you read only one movie plot summary..

  1. rae Post author

    Yes please! We need more Andy reviews.

    Actually, how about I give you postings privs on Tech Tok? Ah, so what if it’s not technically technical. 🙂

  2. aiabx

    Don’t they give out Technical Oscars? Didn’t you win one (sort of)?
    Sure, I’ll write the occasional pile of offensive crap. Maybe not LOTR, though. My last try turned out so evilly poisonous that I could not publish without risking ostracization, or even prison time. I’m sure Peter Jackson deserves to live, though possibly in prison or a lightless iron box.

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