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Democracry TV Viewer

is an open-source app for subscribing to TV shows via RSS and downloading them via BitTorrent.
It’s written in Python and uses PyObjC and Boost (a cool C++ library, which supplements STL).

A blurb from
the current
readme for the OS X build

You’ll need Pyrex, PyObjC and Boost to compile DTV. We use these for
linking to C, Objective C, and C++ code. And you’ll need Python 2.4 or

At least as of 1.3.7, the prebuilt PyObjC binaries do not have proper
Quicktime support, so you’ll have to build from source. Download and untar:

I find it quite funny that I find out this way that Mitch Kapor is involved.
Mitch is also behind the project I’m working on,

One thing the Democracy guys are doing that I wish we were doing is
using Trac for everything.
I mean, Bugzilla is nice and all, but it’s very 1990’s in a lot of ways, and will probably never make up for that.

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