Chandler 0.6.1 released

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Today OSAF released Chandler 0.6.1, an update to its “experimentally usable” calendar.
This release fixes a number of bugs that prevented some of our users from downloading
and experimenting with the application.
The fixes addressed bugs preventing certain calendars from being imported, some sharing errors,
and addressing a number of items that support the developer community.
A more comprehensive summary and be found in the
0.6.1 Fixed Bugs wiki page.

Woo hoo! Get yours now:

[Chandler dmg for Mac OS X]
[Chandler rpm for Linux i386]

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1 Comment “Chandler 0.6.1 released

  1. Iain

    If can display and edit HTML so to would I like to see Chandler. I think a calender/collaboration app should allow me to create very detail entries. Dates and times are just the tip of the iceberg. I want to display pictures, videos and HTML (Google Map locations for example). Attachments would be cool. I would also like to format the entry in a way similar to page layout apps.

    I would love to see integration with the server to store the attachments for these entries so that they could be made available over the web. How about password protection as well?

    Oh, can you please throw in an IM/Video conference feature that supports Zeroconf.

    I know I am asking for a lot but my workplace is crying out for such a product. It would be amazing to break free of the MS juggernaught!

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