A few items of note today..

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RSS feeds for specific shows. Well, really feeds for search strings, which means “house” also gets “bleak house”. Oh well. Btw, Pirate Bay has RSS feeds too.

Apple’s Rails page
Wow, Apple digs Rails. Cool. I hope their tutorial is as useful as Curt Hibbs’ amazing two-part Rails tutorial [part 1] [part 2] or his followup Ajax on Rails. Slashdot comments point to a that compares Rails, Zope (Plone), TurboGears, Django and J2EE. I should post a comment about this Rails demo, which is what got *me* hooked on Rails. There are others on this page of screencasts.

Dell Linux machines
Oooh, finally someone other than Walmart sells Linux desktops. Although apparently they are loathe to admit it!

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