Our Geek Candidate in Scarborough-Guildwood

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Rogers has a
page from which you can see videos of all the candidates of your (or any other) riding.

Our family originally ran across this on Rogers On Demand’s free stuff list.
There was one candidate that surprised me.
Andrew Thomas
His name is
Andrew Thomas
and he is basically a “Geek Party” candidate.

No, he doesn’t actually have any party affiliation (he’s just an independant),
but his main campaign website is a Wiki.
Yes, you do in fact have to click on “Cancel” a couple of times to get to see his actual page.

So far I agree with his views.
It’s unfortunate that his on-screen personality was a bit weak.
I did appreciate the fact that he was one of only two candidates that were not obviously reading from paper or cue cards
(and I suspect the other one, incumbent McKay, may have been using a teleprompter).
So either he memorized his speech, or he was just being direct.
I think it’s the latter.

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