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hollywood's MP

Sam Bulte, Hollywood’s MP

The story of “Hollywood’s MP” is showing enormous staying power at BoingBoing:
(hover over link for headline).

But now we have
video from an all-candidates meeting
in Toronto’s Parkdale/High Park riding, in which she is heard to say:

“I will not allow Michael Geist and his pro-user zealots, and Electronic Frontier Foundation members to intimidate me into silencing my voice.”

Of course another word for “user” is “voter”.
And I don’t know about you, but I hold
the EFF
in high regard.

online rights canada

The EFF and
Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
have gotten together to launch
Online Rights Canada,
which describes itself thusly:

Online Rights Canada (ORC) is a grassroots organization that promotes the public’s interest in technology and information policy. We believe that Canadians should have a voice in copyright law, access to information, freedom from censorship, and other issues that we face in the digital world.

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
Online Rights Canada

entertainment, politics, the Net.

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10 comments on “Hollywood’s MP

  1. Jeff K

    Yesterday’s National Post ran through some Liberal ads. If anyone feels a need to get someone to vote Conservative point them to it, if not, don’t.

    Also… from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sing_Tao_Daily_(Toronto)

    “The paper is felt by some to contain a far-left stance on many issues, similar to the Toronto Star. However, it is actually more neutral than the Star in terms of news coverage.”

    Anyhow, the Toronto Star has a piece called “Messy campaign reflects Martin as PM” today.

    I defer to the Greek philosphers on this one.

  2. Jeff K

    From an apolitical standpoint, it is interesting to read how internally Sony has had to try and balance the hardware dept. with the media-sales dept. It is reflective of external politics. If Sony can sort it out one day, I vote that we look to the shrine of all things cool and try and pattern a law after their solution. So far, only “nudge nudge, wink wink” seems to work, which is Not Good for public laws.

    Btw, I’m not much into commercial downloads so far. Two of my favorite songs currently are chart-toppers in their respective countries, but haven’t even seen the light of day in Toronto [note: I can find them in Markham no probs], but certainly not on iTunes. And the Japanese equivalents of iTunes (now what, 4 years old) only sell inside of Japan, last I looked.

    Also, my 10 year old daughter prefers the import version of “B in the Mix: the Remixes [IMPORT] ” (Britney Spears) over the domestic. In fact, she imported it. Sigh. (iTunes seems to only have the domestic version).

    Like, whatever…

  3. Peter Cook

    Sam B really is one of those examples of a minister who has been co-opted by the industries she should be overseeing. It’s a an ugly ugly thing.

    Mind you, it’s hard to imagine that sort of thing IMPROVING if the government changes.

    And if we somehow got on the topic of immediate politics, Rick Mercer’s blog Jan 12th and 9th went through the talents of the high-flyers of the Conservatives. If anyone feels a need to get someone to avoid voting Conservative, point them to it. 😉

  4. rae Post author

    Not only has it been picked up by the CBC as well, but they mention that “Conservative Bev Oda, the Canadian Heritage critic, has accepted donations from the same groups.” So it seems the conservatives are on the same page as the Liberals on this one.

  5. Jeff K

    Lobbying for the industry and being corrupt (L) is just a little bit different from taking a donation and promoting anti-corruption legislation http://www.bevoda.ca/issues.php (C). In fact, although some blogs suggest booting both candiates out (maybe its necessary..), http://www.digital-copyright.ca/node/1663 shows the list of contributors, which are hugely famous and progressive ***Canadian*** companies. Chum, Canwest etc. When I sold my Torstar stock, I bought Canwest. What are you proposing, not to destroy them, I hope? Roger’s, I suspect would be quite happy to see some changes in copyright legislation, as long as they can get media into peoples homes.

    There isn’t even the slightest thing sinister about Roger’s. This is not the MPAA. The C’s are pro-business and anti-corruption. They also have to face (I’m quoting Harper here) a liberal-controlled judiciary.

    p.s. Suppose you knew some folks who bought a lot of legit DVDs, like maybe $20k+ worth and supported Markham-based small-businesses by doing so? I am certain that such a person given a tax break will buy more stuff in Markham. I am also certain that any media-pirates will contribute exactly the same to the Markham economy under the C’s as the L’s, absolutely nothing.

    So don’t feel down on election night when the C’s wallop this corrupting, stinking, deluded herd of porkers currently running the country.

    If I were running Roger’s I’d be giving just as much money to the C’s as possible so I get some representation from them, and I would also be lobbying to get more media to my customers.

    In my case, I know its unusual, but if the HD-PVR actually let me record via fire-wire, I would collect shows onto DVDs and not share them, boosting Roger’s coffers and the DVD-R maker’s coffers, future shop and Atlanata Scientific sales, and I hold stocks in as many of those as I can think of.

    The Toronto Star is set to do an excellent job of criticizing the new Tory government. The federal Liberals just need a 4 year vacation. I wouldn’t cry as much as last election when they come back into power. (After a big let down like McGuinty) OUT! OUT! OUT!

    That said, the C platform contains a few too many promises.

    Now as for references… in http://www.parl.gc.ca/38/1/parlbus/chambus/house/debates/103_2005-05-20/han103_1145-E.htm#SOB-1297459 Bev Oda complained about piracy. I buy my DVDs from a legit store, I like the owner and we live in the same subdivision. I would not like to see him forced out of business by the pirates down the street. On the other hand, I do not enjoy importing Japanese DVDs at $120. There is nothing wrong with her complaint.

    I do not believe in communism.

    Present me with a solution.

  6. Jeff K

    Get your bias here! Take your pick:

    (Roughly: 24% of Canadians endorse keeping the same government)

    (Grits surging ahead!)

    ..yeah right over the cliff

    That’s too funny.

    ..and by the way I’ve read through a bunch of blogs. I have not seen any evidence the Conservatives would be as corrupt as the Liberals when it comes to copyright, however I am also certain the C’s are definitely in “no-comment” mode on it at this point.

    …, Martin told Trinity-Spadina they were wasting their votes on the NDP. I think Cory would even have to say something about that.

    ..and my 2 cents worth: I would like to see Internet piracy decriminalized at the same time that court-ordered ISP-side blocking of file-transfers is allowed, as long as the blocked file names are published. This way we don’t go around trying to arrest 10 year olds for copying files, and bittorrent use for copying “War of the Worlds” is stopped dead.

    Nobody has the guts to say that, and I doubt it will happen.

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