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to learn about the facts of the history of copyright, and how it “was designed by distributors, to subsidize distributors not creators.”

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  1. Peter Cook

    Bah. Regardless of the how copyright unfolded, and how the powers-that-be (then and now) have tried to subvert the creators ownership of the created work, at least as it currently stands the creator has copyright and control over how it may be used or reproduced. Mr. Fogel’s ideas are no better than the industries he attacks, for they afford no more rights to a creator than he had in Shakespeare’s day.

    The bottom line that he is proposing to strip away my ownership of all of my work, in the naive belief that I will be compensated, somehow. Or something. That doesn’t feed my family.

    His arguments are entirely self-serving. I’ll bet he’s still living in his parents’ basement.


  2. Jeff K

    Peter, your view is only true of self-employed authors & artists. Most people who create, assign patents and whatnot to their employers. By having books as difficult to find and expensive as they are, only right-wing jerks who can afford 10,000 books will ever discover the true nature of reality, society and mind.

    It’s sad really. When I buy a $400 text book (most expensive one I bought, actually), I know none of my friends have ever seen it and I’m filled with glee at all of the secrets spelled out within and I know it’s because of the money they’ll never know the secrets.

    On the other hand, since I have some interesting text books, my daughters have a slightly better chance than the down-trodden to study topics for high-paying jobs. This is the structure of a right-leaning society. It’s not the sort of thing you’re voting for though is it?

    Now someone might say, “Hey, go to the library.”, but I have been to the library. I have skimmed history, science etc., at the local (large) library. The latest and/or most important stuff is not there. I don’t think they can afford to pay the copyright holders for *single* copies. Also, I believe the politically-correct up-tight church-of-middle-america has something to do with the topics stocked, but I digress.

    Incidentally, there was one topic, not terribly esoteric, which I researched by buying books, probably $1000+, which I tried to research on the internet but found there was no really complete summary of it anywhere, so *I* wrote the Wikipedia entry on it, I’m so proud. I charged exactly $0 for it. It has stood basically unchallenged for about a year, despite many edits & views. It will probably live forever. Alas, the main guts of what I was talking about in the article remains a jealously guarded secret protected by … you guessed it … copyright.

    That’s all intellectual stuff, from a popular side, I think if someone like say “Avex” doesn’t produce one of my favorite Japanese artist’s videos for a certain length of time (so I can’t even buy it), they have abandoned their copyright. Ditto for region encoding. If they encode us out of distribution, then we should be able to distrubute their stuff internally for $0.

    Anyway, don’t worry, it’ll never come to pass, for er, several um, reasons.

  3. Jeff K

    As an aside, here is a book I had a little trouble with:
    “Hokusai” (Japanese ukiyoe artist), a catalog of Ukiyoe by Gian Carlo Calza. shows it available at 2 libraries in Toronto, 1 in Parkdale (?), and the TRL REF-STACKS. Of the 520 pages, there were about 10 naughty images, with the rest being superb art. This book is $50 now (it cost me $75), and has 3of3 5 star reviews on,

    I’ll bet in Toronto admitting to owning this book is a crime punishable by ostracism. There is nothing close to it (in quality) in the local library where I live. Anyway, its the nicest one I could get, there are probably better ones, but its extremely difficult to find the nice ones. Now, 2 years after I bought mine, there is one copy of this available at WBB on Edward, just as a point of note.

  4. Jeff K

    Okay, I’ll explain the “right wing…” thing. I’m a centrist, but I’ve noticed a lot of students complain that their *1* text book set them back $75. You may extrapolate from there based on the questions:

    1. Did you learn from your textbooks?
    2. Do textbooks contain useful information?

    Why are those least able to afford them, with the most to contribute to society forced to read them while being driven to the edge of sanity during a period when they have the least free time?

    I’m not sure adjustments to copyright would help, but it seems to be the right area to start looking.

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