Upgraded to WordPress 2.0

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I ran across WordPress 2.0 tonight, so I upgraded my blog to it.
So far, I am happy that they centralized all the filters in one place so I could remove the dreaded “autop” filter from my content.
I don’t like my returns etc being interpreted by WP for me.
It’s okay for comments though.

I’m not sure what all the changes are, but my old theme definitely doesn’t work, so I will be using the old original WordPress theme (which is nice and liquid) until I get it working again.
No doubt there will be help for this on the site.
I have noticed a large aount of AJAX in the interface though.

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  1. David "Looks Like The Same Old Word Press To Me" Barker

    What’s different, new or special about the new verstion? Other than Recent Comments being out of commission?

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