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my bugzilla

My customized view of Bugzilla
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So I am back to working with Bugzilla.
When I last worked with it, I immediately edited the code to make the display a lot more compact.
If you
see my bug list “naked”,
you will see how ponderous and bulky it is.
Compare to my “streamlined” and colour-coded version.
Nice, eh?

This time, however, I did not have to edit the code.
No, thanks to my increased knowledge of CSS I was able to do this locally, by using a custom personal style sheet in my browser.
Most browsers have these, although almost nobody uses them, even IE for Windows.
They can also help block ads, too.
If you are using Firefox, there is a style sheet goodie that prevents all Flash obejcts from loading.
If you want to see the Flash, just click on the object and you will be asked “Are you sure?” before loading.
Pretty nifty.

If you want a copy, here you go.
Please let me know if you find it useful or, even better, have any improvements.

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