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When I get home I want to go out for a double-feature extravaganza: King Kong and the Chronicles of Narnia.
5½ hours of fantasy goodness!
Ronnie (and Luisa?) saw Narnia already, so I’m not sure if I could drag them in to see it again.
Actually, Luisa would be resistant to a double-bill in any case.
Sitting in one place for that long a time wears on her I think.

Another sponge of my time will be catching up on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, House, Stargate Atlantis, etc.

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7 comments on “Movies to see

  1. Korak

    I’d like to see King Kong sometime (no takers in my family) and I’d like to see Narnia LWW again (though not necessarily both in one sitting). KK is getting really good reviews and LWW was great. Are you (virtually) at Hrach’s on Friday?

  2. Korak

    Off the top of my head what games would work with a virtual you ?? Hmm, most don’t, but some do – Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Ra (someone would have to draw for you). There’s more I’m sure. All we would have to do is aim Vartan’s camera at the playing area for you to see what’s happening – alternatively you can lie in bed memorizing the ceiling of ‘The Dreaded Hotel Room’ 🙂

  3. Jeff K

    Well I had 3 hours of free time today, and besides getting a $30 parking ticket during that time, I saw “Memoirs of Geisha”. calls it rotten. Yep, only in America can you screw up a topic like that — garbage 4/10. Loss on the day: $50. I had to sit through 20 minutes of ads. Sofia Coppola is coming out with “Mary Antoinette” next year. (She of Lost In Translation fame). I know some of you loved LIT, and it rates high at rotten tomatoes, so watch for it, you’ll probably like it too, but not me. It looks like a rip-off of the cinematography of Sergei Bondarchuk’s “War & Peace”, which is maybe good, since LIT left me wondering if Coppola wanders further than the bar in her hotel room when she travels.

  4. rae Post author

    As it turned out, I spent my night packing and watching the SciFi channel, which had lots of Stargate on. Wooo.

    [this comment typed **wirelessly** from my living room. W00t!]

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