Last working day in San Francisco

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A view of downtown from my bus stop

Today I get to do things like copy everything off the iBook and the G5 onto my iPod (which has about 25 GB of free space, yay),
fill out my expense form (leaving physical receipts on Philippe’s desk), and generally getting ready to go.
The (less than) two weeks I’ve been here feels more like a month!
I’m definitely feeling homesick.

This hotel room lost its charm pretty quickly, especially missing a TV guide(!), which made the idiot box a chore to use.
Fortunately I have downloads of shows waiting for me at home.
(I’ll post to Tech Tok
about setting up Azureus to be accessed remotely).

I’m not looking forward to all the snow I’ve heard has fallen!
My back is aching just thinking about it, even though Michael and Luisa have already done all the shovelling work.
I expect there to be lots more ahead.
Hope the plane isn’t delayed by snow on the runway.
(*sigh, this will cement the image of Canada-as-snowbound-wasteland in the minds of any OSAF’ers who read it).

I have to say that working at OSAF is way cool.
It’s a group of very intelligent people, and the freedom is astounding.
At the staff meeting yesterday, Mitch announced (although I had heard about it earlier) that OSAF would be moving to a 20% self-directed-time policy, a la Google.
My first thought was “how many people could we get working on a PyObjC port?”

The 20% free time can’t be spent on *anything*, of course.
Just like Google, it has to be something in support of the work at hand.
Something that enables people to organize their data/events/scheduling better.
Maybe I’ll talk with Miguel about how hard it is to develop for cell phones?

The gaming nights were really fun, and made a good break from The Dreaded Hotel Room.
Last night I saw a movie!
It was
The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
I just call it “Narnia” because that’s a very long title.
I really, really liked it.
Of the four children, Susan and Edmund stood out in terms of personality.
Excellent acting there.
The little girl who played Lucy was surprisingly uninhibited.
The stoic Peter felt a bit wooden to me.
Not a lot of depth of emotion or character.
I would definitely like to see it again.
Maybe I can drag Luisa to see it, even though she didn’t sound very keen on iChat yesterday.

iChat video chatting has been awesome during this trip.
I’ve been able to see and talk with Luisa almost every day.
I’m really glad I got a second iSight so I could do this.
I’m trying to convince Philippe to get one so I can video conference in for meetings instead of calling in on the phone!
An alternative I was thinking of was to do an audio chat with more than one person in the room, so I can hear everyone.

Okay, that’s enough for now.
Time to head off to work!

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