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quake map

Map of recent quakes

There was an earthquake here this morning.


Ya, I didn’t notice it. Oh well.
Someone in IRC mentioned that URL there, which is pretty cool.
I love
the map (see above)
that shows recent quakes and fault lines.
It’s almost like a weather map.
I guess you need something like this here.

Hm, apparently there was
one on Wednesday too
that I failed to notice.

Reid, the Net.

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5 comments on “Earthquake!

  1. Luisa

    You are SUCH a pain in the ass. You can imagine my reaction when I read the “Earthquake!” title. Ya, so it only lasted a few seconds, but, you can sleep on the couch when you get home!! 😉

  2. Jeff K

    Hm, I like sleeping on the couch — walking up to bed after watching a B-grade thriller is too much effort. Well whatever, I will attempt to video tape an earthquake while in Tokyo. Apparently in tall buildings there you can feel them very very frequently. I hope the line for the Tokyo Metropolitan government building is not as bad as the Empire State building.

  3. aiabx

    I was in LA for a quake a couple of years ago. I thought I was suffering from fod poisoning, because I felt all wobbly for a few seconds. Very strange feeling.

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