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I was rearranging my bookshelf just now, and noticed a definite trend. In days gone by my “main” shelf (the one closest to eye level) would be full of books about Cocoa programming and OpenGL. These days it’s more full of web technology books.

I wouldn’t say it’s an alarming trend, or even a surprising one, just one I didn’t notice until today.

There are still a few straight programming texts at the bottom of the picture (which is the left end of the shelf), and there’s a Gimp book, which doesn’t quite fit in (it would go better with the QT book on the shelf above it).

You can see the teeny-tiny VBScript reference I’ve used recently on a project for which I was expecting to use PHP and Perl. Learning that has been.. an experience. :-)I highly recommend the Rails book. It’s one of two out there I think. And Ruby is the language de jour (right Parki?). Together, they are taking the internet by storm, waving the banner of “Web2.0” hither and yon.

Okay, can you tell I’m typing to fill the space to the right of this image? If I don’t it will hang down into the next article. I *could* make it smaller, but then you wouldn’t be able to read the titles very well, would you?

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