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Flock screenshot

I’m going to try using flock to post to my blog. Apparently it uses tags, and lets you edit in a WYSIWYG way. i’m not sure about image though.

Ah, yes, you actually can wrap your text around images. Excellent.

Flickr Photo
The screenshot to the right shows the advanced editing of links. There are also similar editing panels for images (which is how I got the text to wrap to the left of the image).

Flock has a built-in Flickr browser, allowing drag-and-drop placement of images from Flickr, which is how I got these screenshots into the posting. The screenshot above shows the standard “Flock” toolbar (which Flock calls “topbar”), and here you can see the “Flickr” toolbar.

Oh, in case you didn’t follow the link above, Flock is primarily a web browser, but with a definite emphasis on what is being called “social software”, which means sharing of links, blog postings, etc. It is only a “developer preview”, which means it isn’t really ready for most users just yet, but I have to say it looks very cool to me.

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