How to glue adhere

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Had to share this one.
I ran into this by way of
Fabulous Adventures in Coding,
a blog by one of ths guys working on the VBScript/VB/whatever team at Microsoft.

This to That
tells you what glue to use to bind two materials together. Here’s the list of materials:

Ceramic Fabric Glass Leather
Metal Paper Plastic Rubber
Styrofoam Vinyl Wood
the Net.

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3 comments on “How to glue adhere

  1. Korak

    Adhesive, not glue, is the correct term (right Scott). Glue is a subset of adhesives and only works on a limited number of materials and material combinations effectively. Just one of my pet peeves (like the correct usage of concrete and cement).

  2. Korak

    Forgot to say that the “this to that” site is really good – thanks for the link.
    Maybe becoming unglued but not unthankful – Korak

  3. rae Post author

    Other than not being as strong as concrete, and not being able to be kept non-solid by being rolled around in “concrete-trucks” or something, what are the differences between the two?

    It’s funny, a high school friend of mine, Leslie Peer, did his Ph.D. thesis on concrete; specifically ways of making stronger concrete.

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