Domain renewals.. again

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It’s time to renew some domains.
Specifically, and
Last time I switched them over from
because dotster was way cheaper.

Now that I go to renew, their price looks pretty good.
$15 for one year, or $14/yr for two years, or $13.60/yr for 5 years.
But then I notice that DNS management is separate.

DNS management is the web page where you type in that “” should porint to the IP address “”.
Ideally your ISP (who supplies your IP address) has a page somewhere that lets you say that “” points to “” too, but that’s another story (although it shouldn’t be!).

So dotster charges $10/yr for DNS management.
So their price is basically $25/yr now.

Can anyone recommend another place?
I’ll go see what it costs to use
They say it’s $22/yr (Canadian!), which is pretty good.
Not sure if that includes DNS management though.
I *think* it does.


Looks like it’s lowcostdomains.
And ya, I checked, and the $22/yr includes DNS management.
They call it “parking” the domain.
I briefly looked at
because they are all up on Rails and stuff, and I could actually move all my files
there since they allow 4.8 Gigs of space.
But they are $8/month, which is $96/yr US.


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4 comments on “Domain renewals.. again

  1. Harald

    now that you have a static IP, why not host your own domains again? I’d be happy to secondary you, and I’m sure William would too (to give you some geographic dispersement :-). Then you’d only be spending the $15/year…

  2. rae Post author

    Rats, I just transferred them to lowcostdomains. Oops.

    I didn’t realize you could have secondary name servers. I thought about being my own, but given my history with my IP address, I thought it would be risky.

    Btw, is it or is it not possible to point one domain name at another? i.e. Does every domain have to have an “A” record? Can I set up to only have a pointer to (a “C” record I think)?

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