Wednesday Night Floor Hockey

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Hrire (on the right) organizes floor hockey

Pretty much every Wednesday night at 10pm, Michael and I drive over to a local arena (which is actually across the street from Rainbow Village, where we used to live) to play floor hockey.
The whole thing is organized by Hrire, who keeps track of the finances, and sends out email to everyone to remind them and find out how many people are coming.
Often we don’t really have enough people.
Tonight, for instance, we only had enough people to play 4-on-3.
Back when I first played a few years ago, we had full teams, with two or three people off on shifts (taking turns).

We turn the goals down when there are no goalies

When there are so few people, we do other things to even things up.
First of all, since there are no goalies, we turn the goals down.
Tonight, in addition, we turned the goal of the 3-person team around so that it was facing the wall.
In order for anyone from the 4-person team to score, they ***have*** to ricochet the shot off of the back wall.
Michael scored an early goal that was disallowed becaused it didn’t follow this basic precept.

It was a really fun game tonight.
At first we were being slaughtered, up to around 9-to-2.
Then we cam back and the score reached 14-to-11 (still for them).
The final score ended up at 18-to-17 (still for them), which was really a very close game.
Lots of fun was had on both sides I think.

Now, we really could use more people.
I’m not sure if Hrire wants to open it up to complete strangers, but if you know me, even vaguely or from a long, long time ago,
send me email asking about it.
It would be cool if we could get back up to our old numbers.
There is a cost, as we have to rent the gym, but it’s not too onerous.
In the range of $20 or so for a month I think.

Now I just have to pay special attention to my back, as I tend to strain it every time I play.
Not too bad tonight, but still it does have a bit of a twinge.
Luisa always gives me Hell about damaging myself at hockey.
Oh well.

entertainment, friends, Reid.

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