“Superman Returns” next summer

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He’s back.. but what’s with the whimpy “S”?

So according to NewsWeek,
a new Superman movie is filming right now in Australia.
Noe of the old proposed plots are being used;
rather, an entirely new story about Superman returning to Earth after spending 5 years in space is what’s on.

If you consider that a spoiler (I don’t), don’t read the article linked to above,
because quite a bit more is revealed.


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4 comments on ““Superman Returns” next summer

  1. Arvind

    Why the wimpy “s”? Superman becomes a whiny homosexual and gets in touch with his inner “feelings” :).
    Just kidding. I like superman and I have nothing against homosexuals :). Its just the whiny flamboyant types sound funny :).
    Looking forward to ze movie.
    But I think the movie is going to have a lot of emotions as per the outline given.

  2. Luisa

    I thought you complained about the suit… did you say it was too tight? Doesn’t look too tight to me!!! >;D

  3. David "How Long Til This Gets Approved - I'm Not Logged In" Barker

    I was just saying that it’s funny that Kevin Spacey is playing Lex Luthor, because in ‘Austin Powers Goldmember’, in the movie within the movie ‘Austinpussy’ Spacey played Doctor Evil opposite Tom Cruise as Austin Powers and Danny Devito as Mini Me.

    Pretty funny.

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