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We have been without internet for a couple of days now.
Apparently, according to
our DSL provider,
anyone who has a static IP address and is a former customer of iStop is having a problem.
Actually, according to a lady on the phone this morning, it seems that some static IPs are okay while others are offline.

Luisa called them and the idea of changing our static IP came up — I think it was Luisa’s idea.
This makes sense to me.

My guess as to what is going on is this:

  1. iStop has been handling the routing for all the static IPs until now (3 months after everyone was transferred to igs).
  2. It came time for igs to take over the routine
  3. igs’ routing tables were not up to the task

It’s just a guess, mind you, but .. Occam’s razor and all that.

Meanwhile, the kids are certainly feeling the effects of our lack of internet.
Michael’s opinion of our internet connection has been quite low for the last few months.
It’s strange, sometimes he has problems while everyone else is fine.
because of that, I wonder if his problems are the result of a virus or something on his machine.

Regardless, our DSL connection has been spotty since the move from iStop.
Before this multi-day outage, we had frequent spells of short (5 minute) downtime, and occasional longer periods (1/2 hour or so).
I guess I should look around again at other internet providers, trying to find ones that will give me a static IP at a good price.

igs has given us a temporary alternate static IP address to use.
It works, but I’ve had to change the “A” record for, and;
who knows how long that will take to propgate out to the ‘Net at large.

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