Wetstock 2005

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I’m not sure who’s arm that is, but I’m definitely squirting them (large version on Flickr.com)

We held our annual pool party, a.k.a. “Wetstock 2005”, on the weekend of July 23rd, and proceeded to have much fun and frolic.
The weather was great: sunny and warm.

Great shot of Debbie (large)

Michael manned his traditional water-bombing post, but Luisa got the most spectacular bombardment in
when she rolled a water balloon off of the deck roof, catching her victim (and everyone else!) completely by surprise.

Wetstock babes! (large)

my pictures of Westock 2005
larger Flickr versions of exact same pictures
Harald’s pictures


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    Nah, going pro doesn’t seem to help updating. I used to use email to ensure my pics made it, but that started flaking out almost as bad as the tools and web forms. So.. I wrote my own command-line script to upload pictures. It’s Perl, and it requires the “Flickr::Upload” module (gee, that made life easy).

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