Deep Impact has .. impacted!

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Just watched
NASA’s Deep Impact
space probe crash into the Tempel 1 comet.


The impact was way, way brighter than people were expecting.
One guy on NASA TV wondered if they happened to hit a pocket of gas underground or something.
*My* theory is that the comet is partially made of nitro-glycerin..

Michael and I tried to find something on TV, checking Discovery, the Learning Channel.. but nothing.
Discovery was busy playing MythBusters.
CNN was talking about sports when we checked, although John Chew told me he was watching spotty coverage
that consisted partially of assurances that the impact would not send the comet to earth, destroying civilization.


I tried various means by which to get to NASA TV, including RealPlayer and Windows Media Player,
but what ended up working best was Video Lan Client on my PC (wouldn’t work on my Mac).

Here are some pics..

science, the Net.

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  1. aiabx

    I couldn’t find it anywhere on TV, so I just packed my scope out to the back yard and looked at some variable stars and an open cluster, and cursed the fate that set up the comet impact under the horizon. Pretty f****** cool, though, eh?

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