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T’nir is being cranky for some reason.
Today I rebooted and logged into the console, only to see that the top 10 processes were all spamassassin.
Not only that, but spamassassing kepy running out of memory, and the Linux kernel (I think) started killing off httpd processes to free up memory.
It was weird, but any command I entered was delayed about 5 minutes before it was executed.

I ran my “playing Quake” script, which kills off the web server and ftp server.
Then I sat back and hoped all the backed-up mail would get de-spammed over the afternoon.
That seems to have happened, but then I noticed that mail wasn’t getting delivered, so I checked and postfix, one of the main mail programs, wasn’t running correctly (the master wasn’t running).

I restarted postfix and a lot of mail is now flowing.
Thing is, I’m not sure what’s going on.
It would take time to really dig into it and if I figure it out I will post here.
In the meantime, you may notice tnir experiencing hiccups, with the web server not running or something for a little while at a time.

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2 comments on “tnir acting up

  1. David "How Long Will It Take To Get This Approved?

    Dude! What’s this cool little flickr thing you got goin’ on, with the fade in and the enlarging and the all sliding around like one of those cheap claw machine flat puzzles?

    Is that your own code or a flickr thing?

    Very cool!

  2. rae Post author

    It’s a flickr thing. The ironic thing is that it isn’t working for me! I think something is snafu with Safari, my web browser.

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