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Ok, I lied.
One more post.
I bought the “early beta package” of
Agile Web Development with Rails,
which gets me the beta PDF of the book and the final PDF later when it’s done, along with a paper version when it ships.
I figured it would make for good reading on the plane.

On the way here I found out that even with a full charge, the Powerbook’s battery cannot handle playing AVI’s for more than a couple of hours, and the flight is longer than that.
Actually, Thomas (my friend from Alias who was here) told me that there are seats that have plugs in the backs of them.
On the way here the seat in front of me had a phone instead. I will have to try to get a different row.
I was in row 15. Maybe I’ll try for 16 or 14.

Of course, I can always play solitaire!

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  1. Chris

    Even if you can get a seat with a plug, you might have problems. I tried to use one on my last flight, and the iPod brick was too oddshaped to fit into it. I hope it works for you, though. ^_^

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