End-of-week tired

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A lot of people have left WWDC by this point.
The tablecloths have coffee stains, and everyone is looking a bit bleak and weary.
Wired ethernet access in “the nooks” on the 2nd floor are not handing out IP addresses; the DHCP server is down.
So we all sit at the same tables and just use AirPort instead.

Last night’s “Apple Beer Bash” was a bit disappointing.
Mostly because of the cold weahter I think.
It wasn’t as much fun to sit on the grass listening to the Wallflowers live about 20 feet away.
It was kinda funny when the Wallflowers’ lead singer asked the audience for tech support to get his Bl;ackberry to talk to his Mac.
One guy in front offered to help — I’ll bet it’s one of the guys who worked on Blackebrry code or something.

The lineups were horrendous.
They said at the keynote that there were 3,800 people here and that it was the biggest WWDC in the last 10 years.
Maybe they just didn’t plan well enough for that many people.
I was lucky enough to miss the lineups for the busses to Apple (Ted and I hitched a ride with Mike, Thomas and Matthew, who had rented a car), but the lineup to get into the store, the even longer one to pay for stuff and get OUT of the store (I skipped that one, not buying anything), and then the huge lineup for food (which people were wangling their way into near the front a lot), all served to put a damper on things.

Today is definitely a “day-after” kind of day.
Most of the remaining sessions are feedback sessions.
Like I told Luisa, I don’t have much feed to give back.
I’m excited about things like Core Image and its Image Units, and yes, I am looking forward to powerful, Intel-based laptops.

Poor Ted has to leave in a taxi tomorrow morning at 5am.
Fortunately for me, my flight isn’t until 3pm.
Unfortunately for Luisa, it gets in to Toronto around 11pm!
I suspect Michael and Ronnie will stay at home, which will make things easier on Luisa.

I think I’ll head downstairs to check out the gaming area.
They’re featuring Doom 3 today.
But I think everyone is going to quit and run Star Wars Battlefront instead. 🙂

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