Chinese food last night

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Last night a bunch of us went out for dinner after the last WWDC session.
It turned out to be fortuitous, because the two evening events — the Apple Design Awards and “Stump the Experts” — were postponed one day to Wednesday night instead.
However, on our way out of Moscone West, we saw WWDC employees carrying in literal armfuls of Chinese food.
Hah, oh well.

We met up at the Apple store, which is only a couple of blocks away from Moscone West.
There were Florian and Stuart from El Gato, Mike and Thomas from Alias, Ted and myself.

The food was good and we recounted some interesting tidbits form WWDC’s past as well as interesting company histories.
Ted took some pics which I’ll try to scarf and put up later.

Today’s schedule includes:

  • Using Bindings to Help Sync Your Data and UI
  • Advanced Document-Based Application Techniques
  • MySQL and SQLite: It’s in There
  • Cocoa “Tiger Makeover”
  • Essential Ingredients for Mac OS X Imaging Solutions
  • either Introduction to Core Data
  • or Threading on Mac OS X

After all that it’s off to the Apple campus for the Thursday night beer bash, where we get to see Andrew’s office again (Ooooh, ahhh).
It’s pretty much cold and rainy right now (19 C), so if that continues it might put a bit of a damper on things.
Hope it clears up and gets warmer.
It’s no fair — back in Toronto there’s a heatwave on!

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