All done

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Went to the last session for me for WWDC — Cocoa Advanced View Techniques.
Andrew was up on stage! Woo!
He held the microphone well, although he didn’t actually have to say anything. 🙂

So Ted and I are going to go have something good to eat and then maybe watch some TV on the powerbook.
(Hey Hon, at least we’re going out to eat!)
Well, we might stop off at the Metreon, a giant Sony store across the street from Moscone West.

I’m sorta looking forward to experiencing Toronto’s heat wave when I get back.
But I’m sure I’m going to get *too* hot, and turn on the air conditioning!
There’s always the pool, too.

This is my last post before I head home, so bye for now!

friends, Reid.

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I'm a long-time Mac and iOS developer. I'm also a big fan of Ruby on Rails and relational databases. I tend to work remotely, in my basement with occasional trips to the office. I'm also a big videophile, both TV and film, and can't wait for a good, inexpensive home 4k solution.

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  1. aep

    I did answer one question in the Fri. morning Cocoa & Core Data Feedback Forum. That made the 2 hours of driving and $20 in parking all worthwhile. 🙂

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