Simcoe: “bullying”

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We went to a talk at the school aimed at bullying and I recorded it with Luisa’s iRiver.
I told everyone I would make it available — and
it is
Warning — it’s a bit big (67 MB) so it might take a little while to download.


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  1. Jeff K

    I was going to try running that through “Sphinx” an open-source Speech recognition package, but that Cockney English (“Anti-bullion”) thir spaken is almost as bad as that dern msn site and teenagers learning about sex. Also, the teachers would like to help you with the bullying at the school, but alas, the bullies deny it exists. Which reminds me, my 9 year old was watching “after the sunset” which had 2 maybe 3 homosexual jokes in it. After 1 of them, she said, “I thought only a man and a woman did that”. Then after we finished that we watched Taxi with Queen Latifa (a remake of a French movie, btw) and after that she asked me, “Which movie do you think had more bad words, Taxi or After the Sunset?”.

    I seriously doubt anyone will search that .mp3 for weblinks so here’s one of the ones mentioned: I did eventually get Sphinx to recognize “Hello bishka”, though (it’s hello world equiv.)

  2. rae Post author

    Ya, her accent was a bit surprising at first, but we got used to it in about 10 minutes. How was the audio? I thought the quality was a bit patchy, especially when parents asked questions. I put the iRiver about 6 feet from the speaker, but the parents were as far as 20 feet away, so I’m sure some of their comments/questions were unintelligible.

  3. Jeff K

    You’re in charge of the topics, so without further ado, my $0.02 worth: Yeah I skipped through most of it because of the distant sounds. I was badly bullied in 1971 in Grade 2, so I was interested in the topic. In 1979 I discovered nerddom and the bullies and nerds found their own spheres of influence. I used to ponder a suitable revenge for the bullies, but alas, as of 20 years ago, most I could remember had done time in jail, were killed in police chases, or were repentant but in dead-end jobs. Presumably the rest are nearing the ends of their lucrative careers handling campaign finances for the federal liberal party. (That last sentence is a joke).

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