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We have to choose our Natural Gas cabal, so I poked around on the web and found a
gas price comparison page

over on
They clarify their position in
the “about” page thusly:

M3 & W Inc., o/a, does not sell natural gas or electricity to residential customers–we simply provide rate comparisons and allow marketers and consumers to use our web site to transact. We currently keep natural gas and electricity price comparisons for Canada, the USA, and the UK.

From what I can tell, we can get two natural gas distributors for our area:

  • Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.
  • Union Gas Southern Ontario

It also seems that no matter which of these two we choose, the cheapest price remains a 3- or 5-year, fixed-price contract with
Canadian RiteRate Energy Corporation.

Unless… the “blended” price works out to be less.

Hey, EnergyShop also has an
electricity price comparison
I’ll have to check that out as well.


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12 comments on “Natural Gas

  1. Harald

    Just so you know, the current price direct from Enbridge is 27.8006. Granted, that is down from 31.05 last quarter. Since I bought my house, I’ve saved money against the 5 year fixed rate that was being offered at the time, although I’ve still got about a year left on the 5 year comparison.

    It’s like mortgage rates; you’ll always save money in the long run by taking the short-term rate, but you risk sudden rate increases in the short term. Long term rates are padded against risk, and so you are in effect paying for the rate guarantee. Of course, if you have cash-flow issues and need a guaranteed rate, then it’s worth it, right?

    Ah, I love free markets 🙂

  2. rae Post author

    I assume that DirectEnergy is your supplier, then? Enbridge got out of the supply business and created DirectEnergy in its stead, owned by some other, non-Enbridge company. It’s DirectEnergy that I’m checking out, and even their short-term, 1-yr blended rate (32.5) is higher than that of “RiteRate” (31.4), at least for *my* postal code. 🙂

  3. korak

    I have Enbridge as both my distributor and supplier – the supply rate that Enbridge charges is set by the Ontario Energy Board and is theoretically “at cost”. An overly simplified analogy I mentioned to Debbie re suppliers’ deals is that it is like going to the casino – there are winners and there are losers, but in the end there are more losers and the casino makes a profit. When you pick a deal, your gambling on the supplier’s gamble of what the future holds. The suppliers also buy on spec but whether they get it right or not, they are figuring on making a profit on what they will be billing you. I think that long term comparisons (like what Harald is doing) would show that the suppliers’ deals are not as wonderful as they make them out to be.

  4. walter

    Sorry for the double post, but when I checked back an hour later it looked like the first post hadn’t occurred – thought I’d maybe closed the window without submitting it. Reid, feel free to delete one of the two.

  5. rae Post author

    That’s the comment moderation system at work! 🙂 Comments are put in a queue to be approved, y’see. This prevents comment spam on the blog.

    The two comments had sufficient differences that I wasn’t sure which one you wented to keep! Let me know which one should get the axe, and then future readers will be baffled about what we’re actually talking about. 🙂

  6. korak

    So you have to review each comment and approve it before it posts – guess I can’t expect you to be available 24/7! How much comment spam do you get on an average day? Actually, it was interesting to see how my delivery of the same thoughts varied an hour later. I’d vote to kill the first version and keep the second.

  7. rae Post author

    Okay, nuked the first one.

    I only have to moderate your comment the first time you post one I think. Once you’ve been approved once, you get auto-approved after that. I didn’t approve your other two comments, for example.

    However, if you use a different name every time you post (like David “random phrase EVERY time” Barker), then every single comment gets held in the moderation queue, sometimes for days since it ususally only contains spam. Most people who post comments have done so by now and are pretty much auto-approved.

    Then again, I don’t like stomping on David’s creativity, so maybe I’ll edit the cdoe to specifically ignore anything in quotes or something. 🙂

  8. David William Barker

    Why isn’t the approval based on the account name rather than the user’s name?

    Let me guess. Nerd rules.


  9. Derf Brekrab

    Ha. That was a real Microsoft response. (see the helicopter joke…)

    1) Not gonna leave a real address on a public page. It *says* it won’t be published but…

    b> Almost always already logged in. I am almost always authentic!
    (Not right now, though.)

    iii] Just as I thought. Nerd rules.

    n] If I Ran The Zoo…

  10. David William Barker

    How come Johanna Kola and Jonathan Liedholm get approved right away and it takes you a week to approve one of mine?

    I’m deeply, if superficially, hurt. The system, and my spirit, are broken.


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