Literati problems

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My Mom likes to play
Yahoo’s Literati game a lot.
It’s basically networked Scrabble®.
(Note that you may need a Yahoo ID to get into the game)
Today it’s been flaking out.
My Mom thinks it has to do with a recent update she did for Yahoo Pager, which she and I use to chat.

I looked around for an alternaative, and found
An interesting thing about Literaxx is that there is a
downloadable version
(a Windows-only .exe, although it looks like it’s a Java app), and it’s a GPL’ed app, with
source available.

The download is missing a dictionary, but if you grab
this open-source word.list file
and put it in the same directory as the exe, it’s good to go.

Oh, and yes, I thought briefly of jjc’s
but there’s no way my Mom is up for a telnet version of a word game!

Hm, and then there’s

entertainment, family.

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