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Tonight Iain, jeff and I tried our first three-way video chat using iChat on Panther.

See the
(1024 x 667) or
(1495 x 974) version on Flickr

Jeff, Iain and I tried out a three-way video chat using iChat in Panther tonight and got some pretty spectacular results!
At first I was “the server”, and Jeff found that my video was very blocky at times.
We switched over to Iain, since he has the best upstream bandwidth of about 1 Mbps, which was a lot better for Jeff.
I didn’t notice any change, really.

It’s suypposed to be able to handle one more person, and I asked Justin to join in,
but he lent his iSight to someone else, so we were stuck with just us. 🙂
Anyone else want to experiment with this?
It’s pretty impressive, I must say.

See the
(714 x 492) version on Flickr

Jeff took this shot just after he had left the chat.

friends, hardware, software.

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