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I’ve gotten hooked recently on a new TV show on Space called
Charlie Jade.
It touts itself as “SF Noir”, a là Blade Runner.
In fact, it borrows more than just its sense of style from Blade Runner.
Chalie Jade is about a private detective who lives in a bleak, futurisitc world
where companies run the government, and the sky is filled with pollution, night and day.
Literally, a dark world.

An act of sabotage causes an industrial accident at the site of a super-scientific lab run by the world’s biggest corporation.
The accident throws Charlie Jade out of his world (the “Alphaverse”) and into ours (the “Betaverse”).
At the same time, one of the saboteurs is also thrown from their world (the “Gammaverse”) into ours.
Parallel universes, each very different and yet having certain basic things (and a few people) in common.

Although there is an official site, the
one hosted by Space
is much better.


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3 comments on “Charlie Jade – new SF show

  1. Harald

    I watched the first four episdoes, then gave up. The cinematography is gorgeous, but distracts so much from the stories that it ended up being frustrating instead.

    Basically, it’s a good series, but it requires _way_ too much brainpower to keep up; I’m looking for escapist TV these days…

  2. Iain

    I have been sucked in by this show! I was a bit down when Enterprise ended its run but the shows sudden appearance on my radar screen has given me a boost! I think the acting is a bit forced but I hope that feeling goes away after I get into the groove of the show. Perhaps my attraction to the show is down to its use of a 1968 Aston Martin DBS (I have always liked the look of that particular Aston).

  3. Michael

    The show’s intricate storyline is a real strength, in my opinion. It overcomes some very confusing direction and jumpy camera work. I can see why they felt they had to make a catch-up episode, because my wife came in around the third episode and was hopelessly confused. Ot didn’t help that I could barely explain it at that point. Having now just watched ep 12, I hope they continue the run past ep 20!

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