WWDC, here I come

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Well, like
I recently said I might,
I bought my WWDC eTicket tonight, and got the “Tiger Early Starter Kit” option.
(Apple’s next version of Mac OS X) is due to come out Apr 29th, which as Apple’s website helpfully tells me is in 12 days.

Along with a copy of Tiger, I get entry to the WWDC, an ADC “Select” membership, and a DVD from the 2004 WWDC sessions.
I find these WWDC DVDs really, really valuable for learning new APIs.
They are basically videos of the sessions at the conference, and some include the PowerPoint KeyNote notes alongside the movie, which includes real source code examples, etc.
In the past, these DVDs have sold for as much as $800 US.

We’re going to see an
Erasure concert
on the Saturday before I go, so I’ll be going Sunday-to-Saturday, instead of the usual Saturday-to-Saturday.
The price of plane tickets is about $60 higher than the Sat-to-Sat tickets.
Oh well, it’s worth it to go to the concert!
Ted is graciously letting me crash with him, so my lodgings are taken care of.

So now I just have to

choose which sessions
I want to go to.

P.S. Anyone have an iBook or PowerBook I could borrow for a week?

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2 comments on “WWDC, here I come

  1. Jeff K

    I know it sounded sarcastic that my coding style was “Alt-F8”, but it’s the gosh-darn truth that I also learn new APIs by pressing “F1” and then finding samples on the MSDN discs.

    Similarly, 2 weeks in Mexico taught me more Spanish than 4 months of courses, but there’s little denying the courses are necessary. So anyway, dive in, soak it up and enjoy.

    I’ve been to 2 e-commerce conferences here in Toronto and both were a total waste of time, so I’m not big on conferences — the scope of technology is just too broad and there are too many lemmings I need to ignore (that e-commerce stuff was during the .com expansion).

  2. Iain

    The cool thing about WWDC is that the people hosting the show actually created the software/hardware. I would love to chat with an Apple developer who is on the Core Graphics team or with someone on the QuickTime 7 team. This WWDC is especially important, from a developers point of view, due to the release of Tiger. What a fantastic event at such an exciting time in Apple’s history!

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