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I am seriously considering going to Apple’s
World Wide Developer’s Conference
(WWDC) this year.
Is anyone else going?
If we got enough people together, we could get the 5-pack of e-tickets and save a bundle.
I was going to get the “WWDC E-ticket and Tiger Early Start Kit“,
which includes a discounted Apple Developer Connection (ADC)

On the same topic, I’m also looking for somewhere to crash once I get there.
Hotels start at $159 US/night, which is a bit pricey over 4 nights.

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  1. wjr

    If you’re not averse to a 45-minute train ride, plus about 25 minutes total walking time (10 on our end, 15 on the SF end), then you’re welcome to crash here with us in Mountain View. Oh, and there will be a toddler sleeping in the next room, but he’s amazingly quiet at night.

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