Ronnie’s piano lessons

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Tonight at 7:15 is Ronnie’s first official piano lesson.
His teacher is somewhat unorthodox and doesn’t strictly follow the Royal Conservatory books, etc.
She was showing Ronnie something called a “G 7th”[?] was in hist first, try-out lesson.
But then she said she was going all over, just to give him a feel for it all.

Ronnie plays the Bass Drum in music classes at school.
He has a good time playing with Garage Band on the Mac, and I think if he learns a bit of formal music (e.g. being able to read music), he may really get into it.

His teacher is a big Mac user too, which is nice.
However, she only recently upgraded from Mac OS 8.5 to 9.1.
I may bring the iMac tonight to show her Mac OS X and GarageBand.


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  1. rae Post author

    I ended up bringing the G5 instead because the iMac was taking over an hour to do a System Software Update that climed it would take 5 minutes!

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