Ronnie’s Drawings on Flickr

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one of Ronnie’s drawings

I’ve posted an album of
Ronnie’s Drawings
on Flickr.
I was surprised to find an entire cut-in-half notebook filled with these drawings.
Ronnie says he has been doing them for fun for the last couple of months.
Most are simple stick-men style pictures, with the long-necked dragons he is currently favouring, but there are a couple of more advanced pictures in there, too.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man!

Along with Flickr, I also have the pitures up
on tnir.
I do this, because I’m not sure flickr is worth the $$ it costs — it’s main advantage being that I can put the full-size pictures/scans up there (like Ronnie’s drawings) and people are able to view them with some speed.

For this post, I’m using the local smaller pics, but if you click on them it takes you to much larger pics on flickr.

portrait of the artist as a young man>
(taken with a digital camera at school and printed on an inkjet)


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  1. dwjoyes

    Hey, all, if you haven’t checked out Ronnie’s pix on flickr, do it. They’re good. You can imagine this kid’s autograph being worth something some day.


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