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Well, I don’t have tendonitis like Debbie, as it turns out.

I went to the doctor today because, since Wednesday last week the ring finger and half of the little finger on my left hand have become somewhat numb and have permanent pins-and-needles.
At first I thought it might be circulatory, but the pattern of the feeling made it clear that it had to do with nerves instead.

Turns out there is a nerve that comes very close to the surface at your elbow, and this is the nerve that you zap when you “hit your funny bone” in that particularly agonizing way.
Seems like the way I rest my forearms on my desk as I type or use te mouse is putting undue pressure on that nerve.

AActually tonight I caught myself shifting position in my chair by leaning against my elbow on the armrest of my chair, almost directly on that nerve, so maybe that’s what did it.

Well, in any case, I am now wearing an elbow pad while I work at my desk.
Really, I think I need a lower desk or a higher chair.


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12 comments on “forearm problems

  1. aiabx

    IT’S TRUE! I have the power to curse people! Tremble before me, mortals!
    The first person to scoff will be afflicted with a funny ringing nosie in the left ear.

  2. David Barker

    Nah, Reid, it’s fine the way it is. Raw, unredacted, unrehearsed, stream-of-consciousness, straight-from-heart, Freudian ballgown stuff.

  3. wjr

    I think you mean the little finger and half the ring finger. That’s classic radial nerve compression symptoms… I’ve had that for many years now, off and on. Good typing posture helps a lot, and like the doctor said, don’t let anything press on your elbow. In my case, I can also get numbness/tingling if I have too much tension in my shoulders, as I apparently have a couple of extra ribs – I have a set of ribs just above the normal top set that most people have. A lot of nerves a blood vessels run through a tight space in your shoulders, and the extra ribs make things just that much tighter. It’s tight enough that if you’re taking my pulse in my wrist on one arm, and I turn my head in the other direction (away from that arm), the pulse in that arm just goes away – it’s been completely cut off.

  4. rae Post author

    No, for me it’s definitely my ring finger and half the little finger. Maybe I’m just wired weirdly. 🙂

    As for the head-turning thing, I’ve noticed that when I turn my head to back out of the driveway I notice a slight wooziness that signals lowered blood circulation. I figure that’s a sign that I really need to loose a few pounds, but it could also just be age or something. My cholesterol level is aces (according ot my doctor yesterday), so I don’t think my arteries are clogging or anything.

    Oh, isn’t it fun getting old?

  5. Jeff K

    With the slightly rough childhood I had, I welcome a few friendly curses [above wanting to live childhood again]. So far its been largely the curse of wisdom. As far as getting a nosie in my left ear, could I request the girl in the Japanese movie “Returners”? [Tendonitis and wooziness are not friendly curses, in case that wasn’t obvious]

  6. Jeff K

    Also, I’ve tried here and on barkerburg to get this thing to mail account passwords to me, but it never does.

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