Barium Swallow

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Mmm, mmm good!

I went to Centenary Hospital today to do a “U.G.I.” Barium Swallow.
It meant I got to swallow a white concoction that went POP! and FIZZZ! and tasted like mint chalk.
Mmmm, mint.

This is just part of a semi-sesqi-bi-annual physical I’m having on the 28th.
It’s funny, I couldn’t read the writing on the sheet my doctor filled out (did it say “UGI” or “UUI”?), and thus I couldn’t reliably transcribe it over the phone to make an appointment.
So I ended up scanning it and plugging the phone into my Mac’s modem to fax the scan over to the hospital.
They phoned back and arranged an appointment for 9:45 this morning.
Or at least, **I** thought they had.

When I got there, they’d never heard of me and I wasn’t on the list.
However, they had room to squeeze me in, so it wasn’t a big deal after all.

Hmm, physical.
Hmm, time to start running again.
I stole Luisa’s mp3 player last night (iPod still dead), so now I can run and listen to CBC’s
(which I downloaded via CBC’s
feed of course) at the same time.


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4 comments on “Barium Swallow

  1. walter

    Barium “shakes” – mmm, yum – had to have an esophogram (UGI series of throat and esphagus only) done a few years back – chalky definitely sums up the texture of the concoction

  2. Luisa

    Some of my earliest memories are from the hospital. Supposedly I spent a lot of time there as a small child. Once in while, I get one of those strange throw-back memories that were quite buried until I taste something that brings me right back to the hospital as a small child. These are the result of something I ate in the hospital, but haven’t had since. One time as a teen, it was the taste of apple jelly. In my early twenties, it was the taste of cream of wheat (having had it for breakfast in Bermuda one time). Most recently was a few years back when they were trying to diagnose what turned out to be ulcerative colitis. I had to swallow a whole glass of that vile chalk-shake. No mint for me. And suddenly had memories of being quite small, crying with disgust as I was forced to swallow that horrible stuff. It happened more than once, I’m sure. I think my time in the hospital ended by the time I was four, when they learned I was allergic to everything (environmental) under the sun (dust, trees, grass, dog/cat fur, wool, feathers…) I got needles for years, and the allergies haven’t come back. (Yet.)

    It’s wild having memories surface that are from pre-four year old days.

    (For those who might be interested, my father says the first time he heard me speak english (I must have spoken it with my friends, but spoke Italian with parents/grand parents) was when I was four and the nurse came into a room in a doctors office with a tray of needles with which they were testing for allergies. My dad says he remembers me saying “I hate you, you stupid nurse!” My parents claim I had 40 shots around my wrists and 40 scrapings on my back. I clearly remember the nurse asking me which my favourite colour was, and I couldn’t admit it was blue because that was supposed to be for boys, but I hated pink, so I chose red. Maybe that was the first time she came in and I wasn’t upset yet. )

  3. rae Post author

    I should have mentioned that the podcasting at CBC is a 3-month trial thing, and they welcome feedback. If you have any inerest in easily-downloadable radio shows, give it a try. You do **not** need an iPod — and music-playing device or application on your computer (WinAmp, iTunes, Windows Media Player) will do!

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