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I moved Luisa’s hard drive over to hew new PC and proceeded to get errors on booting XP.
I did something similar recently with Michael’s PC, and all it did was freak out over all the new hardware it was finding.
However, Luisa is running WinXP while Michael is running WinMe, so maybe it is more PARTICULAR about what it’s running on.

The specific errors I was getting were a series of lines prefixed with:


These lines would be listings of various DLLs and after about 30 of them, the system would hang.

I am guessing that XP somehow *knows* what IDE disk/partition it’s on and that it’s failing to “find itself” or something.
Some doubt if thrown on this theory by my attempts to move the drive to every other position on both IDE cables, with no success.
I get the same prefixed batch of lines followed by a hang.

Luisa’s PC had two disks in it, the other one being an old 4 Gig one that used to be the main Windows disk eons ago.
It may be that that has been the boot disk up until now; however, when I try booting from that disk, it just goes right into Windows 98. 😛

So my solution is to take the extra drive from the Media PC that has been giving me problems lately (I was going to reformat it in any case), and format it as Luisa’s new main hard drive.
This has the disadvantage of requiring re-installation of the apps Luisa uses.
However, she mostly uses MS Office and Eudora, so if those are there, everything should be fine, I think.

Oh, P.S. One cool side effect of this new disk is that it’s a recent Seagate with liquid-something bearings, so it’s like ultra, ultra quiet.
When I booted the PC up for the first time using the disk, I had to double-check that the PC was in fact powering up!
And this was with the case being open, too.


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  1. Luisa

    Um — extremely nervous about this. I’m going to need more than just bloody office. Can you put by old PC back together? There are apps on it I can no longer get.

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