Comment spam still around, but flopping around, all impotent

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I’m getting comment spam again, but thanks to moderated comments, it’s never being seen on the blog.
At first it was a paint because the moderation presents all the comments, with the default action set to “do nothing”.
This meant I had to click about 50 or 100 times to clear out a rash of spam.

So I modified the code to default to “delete”, and now I just click “approve” on the few real comments and I’m all done in a jiffy!
It helps that the comment spam comes in easily-identifiable waves, making real comments stand out in the list.
It would be better if each comment took up one line in the listing; it would make the spam that much more self-similar,
pus I wouldn’t have to actually scroll anywhere near as much to see all 100 new comments.

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