The ‘Net, she be down & Ruby

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For some reason our connection is having a lot of trouble.
When I called home from work earlier I couldn’t get through — all I got was an error tone.
So I geuss there’s something physically wrong with our phone line, although outgoing phone calls and at least two incoming calls worked okay.
Ah well.

I got a book in the mail today (well actually it showed up yesterday, but nobody was here to accept it).
It was “Programming Ruby, The Pragmatic Programmers’ Guide”.
I’ve really been getting into Ruby lately.
I think it’s going to take over from Perl for me.

Another book also arrived, but it was the wrong one.
It was “Microsoft Visual C#.Net Deluxe Learning Edition“.
What I had ordered was something like “Visual C++.Net Deluxe Learning Edition“.
At least, I thought I had ordered that.
Well, they’re sending me a ship-back label and when they get it they will credit my account.
Not sure how much it will cost me.

… I’m pretty damned sure I didn’t order a C# book. :-/

development, Reid.

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