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Well, it’s a bit of a duplication, but just in case you don’t visit Tech Tok very often, I thought I would point out that it’s been converted over to WordPress (Oooh, aaaaahhh).

It is still sporting (more or less) the default look and feel of WordPress almost-but-not-quite-1.5 (I grabbed last night’s CVS version),
so it looks kinda wonky. But I think I found all the places where it converts whitespace to line breaks (I **HATE** that I have to do that—it should be a configuration option somewhere!)

Anyways, I’ve now deleted my old blog from the Movable Type configuration centre, so that might slow down all those comment spammers, because 100% of the last 120 spam comments I deleted were all posted to my old blog.

Reid, web site.

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