New Apple hardware and software

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So today Apple announced both the
Mac mini (note lower case m on “mini”) and the
iPod Shuffle.

The MiniMac has disappointing video, and you can’t change it.
There’s only one ethernet jack, so forget about having a fancy router.
Disk space maxes out at 80 Gig, so no large numbers of big files.
250 Gig would have been better.

Ya, okay, I was a bit disappointed in the mini.
Alas, the only thing about the ShufflePod I liked was the price per megabyte.
Wow, cheap!
About half the price I paid for Luisa’s iRiver unit.

But the thing has no display, except for a battery level indicator.
So if you plunk down a gig of music on it, you have to just keep pressing the “next” button until you get to the song you want to hear.
I’m sure this is the reason they named it the “Shuffle” — you aren’t supposed to navigate at all.


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4 comments on “New Apple hardware and software

  1. Jeff K

    I noticed that the G5 iMac, has 5.1 channel optical sound but there is no 5.1 sound output on the 256Meg(pardon?!) mini-me thing. The DVI was a good idea, but I bet it’s not as adjustable as a PC [for use on my SONY Grand Vega].

    -5: Troll.

  2. Iain

    iPod shuffle – I listen to both iTunes and my iPod in shuffle mode so the iPod shuffle makes sense to me. I am actually very impressed with the fact that it does not have a display. It removes what could possibly have been a sore point with the device (a far too tiny screen which people would complain about). I love it! Good price point as well.

    Mac mini – Wicked! I love the size and appearance. The price is bang on. This is where the Cube should have been. It is an excellent tie in to the iPod and should bring over a large number of switchers. With an ATI Remote Wonder and an EyeTV Wonder this little beast would become a very cool HTPC. Should have shipped with 512 MB of memory – 256 just basically covers what the OS needs. The additional memory is waaaaaayyyy overpriced at the Apple store. Lack of big HD options is a pain but it would be cheaper to buy an external case and a big phat drive from a PC shop anyway. With USB 2.0 and Firewire 400 you well provided for. My big issue with the mini is the 9200 GPU. Come on Apple! The 9200 is based on the 8500 from 2001! Pop in the Mobility 9700. The 9700 itself is a generation old now so I am not asking for the moon. Dual monitor capability would have been nice as well. A discount (or free copy) of iWork would have been nice.

  3. Peter Cook

    My sister is a PC user, always noticing the fun my parents and I have had on our Macs but also firm in her belief that since she needs to work in Lotus at home some times, her PC is best for her. I got a call from her Wednesday morning; she had seen the article in the Star (not especially postive in its analysis, and no photos of the iPod Shuffle) and asked me what I thought about the Mac mini. She was very close to buying it for my niece’s birthday, but over the course of the phone call she decided to wait a couple of months on that and instead buy my niece an iPod Shuffle (sight unseen)! I think Unca Steve hit his target market right on the nose!

    As Iain says, more memory isn’t really an option, it’s a necessity, but I think dual monitor would have been overkill–this is a stripped-down machine. It’s to entice folks into our sandbox…

  4. Iain

    The upgrade to 512MB is only $97. Still high, but not crazy.

    The mini supports resolutions up to 1900×1200. That is plenty big so I withdraw my criticism regarding the lack of dual display support. I get carried away sometimes. 🙂

    According to Macworld News the mini uses a 2.5″ 4200rpm HD ( I know of no other brand name PC maker shipping desktop systems with 2.5″ drives.

    I use a Dual G4 450 as my main rig. The mini has more power in 1/10th the space and is nearly silent. Damn, the mini is one shockingly cool machine!

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